Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the product

How do I determine the proper color for my handles?

Our selection COLOR-SAMPLES contains an overview of all available leather colors. Please keep in mind that the representation of the photographed leather samples may vary from the actual color. Please consider ordering a leather sample to see the true shade of color.

How do I know which borehole distance I should choose?

Our products come in standardized borehole distances. Measure the distance between existing boreholes to determine the fitting size for your handle. The borehole distance for the model series FIRENZE and MONACO-2-PURE may vary slightly. The recessed grip may run slightly flatter or deeper in case of deviating borehole distances.

How are the leather handles from minimaro attached to the furniture front?

All models are mounted to the front with conventional screws. Hardware is included for each handle.

Can I mount the handles in horizontal as well as vertical direction?

Yes, our handles fit any direction.

Which model is suitable for front edges?

Model VERONA is especially developed to fit front edges or mirrors. This handle can be screwed or milled into the front edge.

Are leather handles suitable to be used in kitchens and bathrooms?

Yes, our furniture can easily withstand normal use in kitchens or bathrooms. Please avoid exposure to constant moisture or harsh cleaners.

Are leather handles suitable for commercial use?

Absolutely! Our handles are frequently applied for furnishing in hotels and stores. The smooth edges reduce the risk of injury!

Do I have to take care of my leather handles with special cleaners?

No. A damp cloth is sufficient to clean our handles. Regular care is not required.

Can I personalize my handles?

Yes. All of our products are handcrafted. Our customers are able to choose from a large variety of leather colors and stitching to create the product that fits their individual expectations. Custom imprints or logos can be added as well upon request. Please contact us.

I need a special measure or a special color. Is this possible?

We are here to help. Please contact us with your request.

What type of leather is used for minimaro products?

We exclusively use high quality European cowhide. This type of leather is characterized by its durability and longevity. Additionally, it requires little effort to maintain the look and quality of the handle. These features make our products a great fit and a stylish accessory for areas with high demands such as hotel interiors, kitchens, as well as store and office furnishing.

Could I order the same leather used for my handles as blank cut from you?

Yes. We are able to provide the same leather as blank cut for your additional projects. We will charge per square meter. Please contact us with your request. We are here to help!

Questions about service / order process

What is the estimated delivery time?

Items from our Express Selection, leather samples or products on sale are in stock and ship within 2-5 working days.
All other products are handcrafted in our Bavarian factory in accordance to your individual specifications. The turnaround time to complete your order is usually 5 – 20 days, depending on the ordered product and order volume.

Can I return or exchange the ordered products?

Please see our Return and Refund Policy.
If you are unsure about the selection, we will gladly send color samples or sample handles on request.

Questions about resale conditions

Do you offer special conditions for resellers?

Indeed we do! Please see the information in our section Reseller or contact us for more information. We are looking forward to work with you!

I would like to offer minimaro products in my (online) shop. Do you offer special conditions in this regard?

We are pleased that you are interested in promoting our products! We are looking forward to work with you! Please contact us for further information!
Leather sample set with all leather colors of all handle series
Over 60 leather samples for all furniture handle series from minimaro.
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