MILANO-PRESTIGE - Exclusive leather loop with hand-stitched decorative seams

The furniture handle MILANO-PRESTIGE is an exclusive leather handle made of high quality material. The special feature of this model are the two distinct decorative seams that are stitched by hand.

Like all of our furniture handle, MILANO-PRESTIGE comes in standardized sizes and can effortless be screwed to existing boreholes to replace existing furniture handles. The design idea for our MILANO handle series was to create a leather handle in the shape of a leather loop without visible mounting fixtures when attached to furniture fronts.

The minimaro MILANO-PRESTIGE leather handle gives your piece of furniture a very special character. This handle is handcrafted in 5 sizes and is available 42 leather colors. The seam color is available in multiple colors as well. Over 1000 design variations give our customers the chance to create a handle to fit their individual style.

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